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Consider This - December 21, 2006

Give a Priceless Gift

We're are only a few days from Christmas and most people are rushing here and there to wrap up their shopping. With such a hectic pace leading up to the holiday the appeal of a relaxing, peaceful day spent with family and friends is surely appealing. In fact, that is really where the memories are made.  

Consider This...

The gift giving is wonderful... the visit from Santa always a joy...  but it is our time... a gift we so often don't share... that is truly priceless.

You don't have to wrap it or beat the holiday rush to find it.  And as the memory of those great presents begins to fade over the years... the memory of time spent with family and friends will remain.

Unfortunately, time is the one thing we don't seem to be able to find anymore to share with those we love.

Because when we look back over the years, the one thing we will remember most is not what food was eaten, what presents were received, or some special outfit... we'll remember the time we had with the people we love.

Your time is more of a gift that you will even know...

So this holiday season give one of the best presents you can give... yourself.

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