Rescue Efforts Underway for Neglected Animals

December 23, 2004 -- Posted at 7:00 p.m. CST

STRAWBERRY--It all started Friday after a tip call led members of Northeast Arkansans For Animals, along with law enforcement, to a residence in the small town of Strawberry.  There volunteers say they found conditions that were beyond belief.  "We stepped on the property under state law, and the first thing we saw was some sick animals, " says Wannda Turner of N.A.F.A.  "The further we got back on the property there were dead animals."

There were dead carcusses allover the property, including chickens, goats, and even a mule.  And at least a dozen pigs and hogs were bound in trailers without food or water.  "It was a herendous sight," said Turner.

Her organization quickly worked to construct a fence where they would later move the pigs so they could be fed and cared for.  They also took several animals that were in need of medical care from the property.  "We bought enough food so we can feed today,"stated Turner.  "We gathered troughs and will continute to come back on a daily basis until a deposition can be decided."

We are told that paperwork and evidence will be filed Tuesday for the warranting of the person responsible for the animals.  But until then members of N.A.F.A. are happy to do whatever they can to help.

"I had somebody ask me if I would rather be shopping..and I replied...just like crime, animal abuse takes no holiday."  And with that said Turner hopes everyone will pay attention to their surroundings and report incidents like this one.  "We are a community of people that need to take care of each other, but we need to take care o fthe animals of our commmunity.  These are God's creatures and we should take care of them."

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the party responsible for these animals you are asked to contact your local authorities.