Post Holiday Shoppers Cash in their Gift Cards

December 26, 2006 -- Posted at 1:00 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -- They hustled and bustled to get all of their holiday shopping done and with one days rest, shoppers are at it again.

Customers piled into the mall today hoping to cash in on after Holiday sales, some even using the opportunity to purchase gifts for next year.

"The sales brought me in. I am shopping for gifts for next year that way I can get great gifts for a great price."

Al Presley said the sales weren't the only thing that brought him to the mall.

"It's a bracelet that my wife gave me. It's just a little small I need to try to exchange it for a larger one."

Josh Summitt also had something to exchange.

"Well, of course you say thank you, I love it, it's great, but not really. I got a bad gift and I'm going to exchange it. Some people just aren't good gift givers."

So has the spirit of giving come down to something as impersonal as gift cards?

"I think gift cards are a better way to go. You know they are going to get something they like and not have to exchange it, return it, or even regift it."