Family of 875th Soldier Gets Homecoming

December 26, 2006 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CST

MEMPHIS,TN- Around 3:00 Tuesday afternoon the Roe family of Paragould got a very special holiday homecoming.  It was at that time Delta Flight 1848 landed in Memphis, TN bring along with it a Husband and a dad of three.

Tony Roe has been actively serving since June 2006 as a member of Paragould's 875th Engineering Batallion.  But today, he took a break from serving his country to serve his family.

As Roe walked up the concourse, his family was awaiting him with hugs, kisses, smiles, and even a few tears of joy.  And on his way up airport security and many bystanders extended a hand to thank him for his services to our country.

Roe said his time in Iraq has made him very humble to what we have here in America, one of those biggest things being the strength of our families.  His daughter Brittany Smith said, "He's always been there for Christmas, and it means a lot that he'll be ther this year."

Especially considering his flight was already delayed yesterday.  Roe spent Christmas in Ireland after his flight was delayed.  His wife said, while it was supposed to happen yesterday, "it's a very big day, and we are just happy he's making it in today."

And Roe made it just in time to make it home for dinner where his Mom had his favorite Mexican cuisine awaiting his arrival.  While in the State Roe plans to take a trip to Branson, MO with his wife, and catch up lost time with his kids.  He's set to return to Iraq in two weeks.