Soldier Prepares to Return to War

December 26, 2006-- Posted at 11:00 pm

JONESBORO-- Timothy McQuay is preparing to leave his family to fight in Iraq for the third time.

We caught up with he and his wife today in the mall as they did some after Christmas shopping.

Here's what they had to say about his departure.

Soldier Timothy McQuay has been to Iraq twice... He spent nearly two years fighting... Now, he's heading back in the Spring.

"It bothers my parents and my kids... My kids don't like it. 'How many kids do you have?' Two girls. 'How old are they?' Twelve and Seven." McQuay says.

He's not really afraid... but ready to do his job. It's one that's difficult but comes with much pride.

"I try not to think about the stuff back home... just, do my job and get back up and do it all over again," McQuay says.

He won't take this trip alone. He will be going back with friends and fellow soldiers.

Though he'll miss his family, he knows he'll have the support he needs to complete his mission until he heads home, once again.

"We've got each other's back so it kind of makes things go by faster. It makes you feel safer knowing your friends there with you have your back," McQuay says.