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Cord, AR - Yalanda Young Reports

Remains Found in Burned Building in Cord

December 27, 2006 - Posted at 3:15 p.m. CST

Cord, AR - Remains have been found in an abandoned building in Cord after a fire destroyed it on Sunday, December the 16th.

Authorities believe it to be James Howard Lee, 29, of Quitman who was working in Independence Co. with a local contractor. Lee had attended a Christmas party the Saturday before at Antioch, where he had been drinking. Cpt. Bill Lindsey with the Independence Co. Sheriff's Dept. said he was trying to get a ride to Elgin.

"From my understanding he was trying to get someone to take him to Elgin, but no one would. He then stole a 4-wheeler and tried to drive it to Elgin, but never made it."

The 4-wheeler was not found until days after.

Wednesday, December 20, Lee's mother, Lois Smart of Clinton filed a missing persons report. That's when the connection was made and the search began.

"On Friday, we searched and found the remains of what we beleived to be human remains. They have been sent to the state crime lab. The possibility is that he used the building for shelter and a cigarette fell out of his hand and caused the fire."

Although there has been no positive identification yet from the State Crime Lab, James Howard Lee's family has placed a cross at the scene, in memory of their loved one.


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