Tightening the Belt on Adult Entertainment

December 27, 2006 -- Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST

WEST MEMPHIS-After a recent string of strip clubs were shut down across the river in Memphis, TN, the city council of West Memphis, AR is taking actions they hope will defer those organizations from hoping the river.

Councilwoman Ramona Taylor says, "We want to keep this a really good place to locate, live, and do business."

Because of this they are concerned that adult oriented businesses could cause disruption and put their idea of the "good place to live" in jeopardy.

"I feel us being located so close to Memphis, that if they should decide to locate over here, more than likely the Memphis crowd will follow them," said councilman Clarence Davis.

So the council has put together a 30 page ordinance that would define and put restrictions on businesses they deem to be "sexually oriented."

Currently the council has an ordinance that requires these types of business to locate in the industrially zoned area near the river, but the new ordinance would actually document rules, and give the council members a way to govern the establishments.

Councilwoman Taylor says it's their duty to protect the community.  "The better job we do at providing sound regulation, then the more likely a business establishment will be beneficial and not detrimental."

She also adds, that they want to protect the values of family in the West Memphis area.  Her co-councilman Davis says West Memphis has worked hard to be a positive place for people to live and do business and he doesn't want anything coming into the area that would bring negativity to so much good work.

The new ordinance will be read one more time before going to the full council for a vote.  K8 news will continue covering this, and have the latest as it becomes available.

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