Ex-Drug Addict Helping Change Lives

DECEMBER 27, 2006 -- POSTED AT 8:00 P.M. CST

TRUMANN, AR -- In July 2004, we showed you this story, a major drug bust in Trumann. The man arrested was Jimmy Creecy. Now two and a half years later, Jimmy is a changed man, helping others who have the same problem with drugs he once faced everyday.

"I was a meth addict for eight years and all I did was live to do dope and rip people off and I stole. It just wasn't right to live like that," says Creecy.

Jimmy was sentenced to serve jail time. After being released, he spent 126 days in a drug rehab facility. Today, he's drug free and living a different life.

"When I got put in jail, it just made me think about a lot of things I had done in the past and I just wanted to give back something that was given to me," says Creecy.

And that's the word of God. Jimmy says after he came home from rehab, he turned his life over to Christ.

"All in all though what really made me change was God. God was what really made me change because he showed me a new way to live," says Creecy.

He says often times after you get out of jail, adjusting to a new life can sometimes be the hardest part, but he wants to show others, through God, there is hope for a second chance.

"When you're locked up and you're feeling down like that, you think there's no hope and I'm here to tell you there is hope," says Creecy.

Now, a new man in the community, Jimmy says the only way for a recovering drug addict to stay straight is to get involved with something positive and that's exactly what he decided to do.

"I've got involved with the church. I've got involved with our support group meetings, I've got involved with the jail ministry, and now I've gotten involved with going to some of the area schools and talking to junior high students," adds Creecy.

A changed man, living life to the fullest and wanting to show others, there is hope for a new start and a new life, drug-free.