Late Christmas Present

December 28, 2006--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CST

MEMPHIS, TN--Major Don Fuller deployed to Afghanistan in May with around 15 other Arkansans to teach the country's national army how to better fight the Taliban.

Over the last week though, Fuller hasn't fought the Taliban, he's been fighting airport traffic in his mission to get home.

Thursday morning wasn't just another morning in the Fuller household.

"It all started out calm and then I received a call that he might be able to get an earlier flight and that kind of made things exciting," said Rose Fuller.

Fuller and her family rushed to the Memphis Airport just in time to meet a father, son, husband, and American hero.

"It was fantastic better than our wedding day," said Major Fuller's wife Rose.

"They woke me up way to early and rushed me to get down here, but it was all worth it," said Margie Fuller, mother of Major Fuller.

The family has looked forward to this reunion, since May 13th, when Major Fuller deployed to Afghanistan. While he is happy to be home, it wasn't an easy trip.

"Basically it started a week ago from Afghanistan," said Major Fuller.

To get home he made stops in Qatar, Kuwait, Germany, and Atlanta before touching down in Memphis. Despite all the stops, Fuller wasn't deterred.

"I had a very specific mission in mind, I wasn't going to get lost," said Major Fuller.

A mission to get home and spend the holidays with loved ones. Back home in Paragould, the family waited to open presents until their number one Christmas wish was fulfilled.

"I can honestly say there is no better gift than my family. I love them to death," said Major Fuller.

"A lot of people don't get to see their loved ones who are overseas for Christmas and it may not be the 25th, but it feels like Christmas. This is the best Christmas present we could have wished for," said Major Fuller's daughter, Jennifer Mansfield.

After receiving little to no sleep over four days Major Fuller is cleaning up, resting and spending as much time with his family as possible over the next four weeks.