NEA Tournament Brings Business to Jonesboro

December 30, 2006 -- Posted at 10:13 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Over the past week players, their families, and fans have come to Jonesboro from all across Region 8 for the NEA Tournament.

In all, thousands of dollars are spent on food and travel coming to and from the tournament.

"I'm from Blytheville.  I traveled approximately 47 miles to get here," said fan Charles Davis.

And along the way these fans spend a lot of money.

"By the time we, as a family eat its $100 easy to come and spend a night," said Stacie McSpadden.

"So far I've spent $40 and that's just on gas and eating when I got here.  Now I'm just going to enjoy the game," said Davis.

Fans say, sure they spend money coming to the tournament, but it's worth it.

The NEA Tournament always brings a lot of people into town, which is a big boost for area restaurants.

"We're really excited about anything that can bring more people into the community and give us more people to show our services to," said Angela Smith, Assistant General Manager at Shorty Smalls Express.

Many of the fans who come to the tournament travel many miles but don't stay the night in Jonesboro, instead traveling back and forth to their homes.

"We like coming to Jonesboro and the tournament.  It's always been fun to come over here and watch the kids play.  We're here early because we like to watch them all play," said McSpadden.