Taking the Oath of Office

Jonesboro - Only a few hours into the new year, it was business full steam ahead at the Craighead County Courthouse.  That's where dozens of newly elected officials gathered to be sworn in to their new offices.

The ceremonies started with comments from the presiding Circuit Court Judge, Larry Bolding.  He spoke to the electees saying, "As elected officials our acts should be motivated by a desire to do what is right, to do what is fair, what is just, and what is true."

With those words, one by one new judges, mayors, aldermen, and numerous others were given their official rights as a public official.

"Today is that mark when really and truly you know that the campaign is over.  I'm official," said Barbara Halsey, the newest Craighead County Circuit Court Judge.  "I'm going to rest today and then be on the bench tomorrow."

For others, today was overly exciting.  "It's a change, but Bay's a small town and everybody knows each other and we all do the same thing," remarked newly elected Mayor of Bay, Darrell Kirby.  "I know it's going to be different, but I just don't really know how to react yet."

Kirby tells us that his first goal is to hire a new police chief for the town of Bay, and then he will just adjust to his new responsibilities.

As for Halsey, she tells us she is going to focus on children going through the court system, and hopes to be able to help those who have been dealt a bad hand.

Starting office in 2007 are five new mayors in Craighead County, a new county judge, a new circuit court judge, and dozens of aldermen.

All of the newly elected officials vowed as they took their oaths to serve their communities to the best of their ability and to make 2007 a great new year.

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