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AG-Elect McDaniel Developing Legislative Proposals

JANUARY 2, 2007 - Posted at 7:33 a.m. CST


LITTLE ROCK, AR - Attorney General-elect Dustin McDaniel is developing proposals for the legislative session to reduce identity theft, make it harder for criminals to make methamphetamine, and to provide health-care information for consumers.

McDaniel says he plans to propose a "Security Freeze Act" that would allow the victims of identity theft to lock down access to their financial information.

He also may propose increased penalties for identity theft. 

In addition, he is working on a proposal to create a statewide database of purchases of pseudophedrine.  That's a component in over-the-counter cold medicines and also a key ingredient in meth.  With a database, cold medicine purchases could be tracked by law enforcement officers.

McDaniel's legislative proposals also include the creation of a state Health Care Bureau to assist Arkansans with questions about their health care.

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