Circuit Court Cases Rising

JONESBORO- The number of cases filed in Arkansas' circuit courts is steadily rising each year.  And with this comes thickening dockets and a slowing judicial process.

"At some point you reach the point where the case load is so large, that no matter how many resources or how much effort is involved, we just can't keep up," stated District 2 Prosecuting Attorney Brent Davis.

Of course as the population continues to boom and more businesses attract more people to Northeast Arkansas, the number going through the court doors will inevitably increase.

An easy solution would be to simply add another judge to the district, but we're told even that can create problems.

"One of the fundamental problems is that for every judge you have, that creates the need for additional prosecutors, bailiffs, courthouses, and court space," said Davis.

Of course all of these cost money, and the shortage of, is the main reason requests for an additional judge in the past have been quickly shot down.

But the bottom line is that there's no way to completely speed up the judicial process.  It is there to protect the civil rights of us all, and in order to do that sometimes we must sacrifice the idea of a speedy trial.

"The system is not designed to produce an efficient system.  It's designed to protect these rights," said Davis.  "Even if that means thing may move more slowly and may have to be delayed.  You do that to protect rights, and that's not always something that produces efficiency."

Davis went on to tell us that considering the resources we have, judges and attorneys in District 2 are doing a great job of keeping the process moving along and as efficiently as they possibly can.

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