Unhealthy in America: How to Make a Change

January 3, 2006 -- Posted at 5:56 p.m. CST

JONSEBORO, AR -- For years we've been hearing that Americans aren't the healthiest people in the world.

With more and more reports out about overeating, obesity, and failure to exercise it's no problem to see what's causing the problem.

Sixty percent of Americans are considered obese and like the size of our waist lines, that number is growing.

"This is mainly due to what we call a gap.  It's a gap between what we would call a healthy lifestyle and the American culture," said Vice President of Patient Services Michael Givens.

A problem we face is there isn't enough time in the day to accomplish everything we want to do, for instance eat healthier and exercise.

"We have a culture where we're always on the go and when you have something that's easily available like fast food, then its easy to always eat out," said Givens.

Making a lifestyle change is something we have to make ourselves do.

"Many people are anxious to do that and have good intentions and start off well but it's hard to sustain," said Dr. Ben Owens.

Early in the New Year we resolve to eat and exercise as we should, but come February or March, those resolutions are long forgotten.

For overweight or obese Americans, there are many things to get you back on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

"It doesn't have to be at a fitness center and it doesn't have to be everyday.  It can be thirty minutes four times a week," said Susan Greenwood.