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Bono, AR -- Brett Garrett Reports

Bono Lake Project More Than A Drop In The Bucket

January 4, 2007 - Posted at 5:58 p.m. CST

BONO, AR -- Craighead is one the most populated counties in Arkansas - yet it doesn't have a state park. But now a plan once thought to be dead to build a lake north of Bono is alive and closer to a reality. The Bono Lake project has support on the county and state levels and soon hopes to have the backing in Washington, D.C.

Right now a large puddle is all that makes up the Bono Lake. However, a plan to fill this valley with a 135 acre lake is again picking up momentum.

"I look forward to seeing water out there and I look forward to it being built and constructed and I think it is going to happen," said Craighead County Judge Dale Haas.

Haas and others believe the Bono Lake project would benefit the county in two ways. It would fix flooding problems in Bono and provide another recreational option.

"As of right now, all of the mayors, in Craighead County are going to do a resolution with their city councils supporting this issue," said Bono mayor L.M. Duncan.

The project slated to cost $3.7 million dollars and while that may seem like a lot of money, the county thinks it is an excellent investment because of the money they will save from future flooding in bono and recreational dollars earned.

"When people come to locate their factories in this part of the country, with the recreational opportunities for their families, it makes it positive and that in the long term it benefits everyone," said Judge Haas.

While support on the local level is high, the county needs help from the federal government to secure the necessary funding. To get that support the county is sending a large delegation up to Washington next month to pitch the project to Arkansas' congressional members.

"There are about 70 people from Jonesboro making that trip, five from the quorum court so they should be able to see very easily how serious we are about the project," said Ken Stacks, Bono Lake Project Committee.

The county believes the time to make the project happen is now to fill a need the county has had for decades - and while land is still available.

"It creates the recreation needed for this area our community is growing by leaps and bounds but we have very few recreational opportunities," said Judge Haas.

In addition, Haas believes this project is something that generations of Arkansans will be able to enjoy. On the state level, Arkansas resident's tax money would be used to make the project happen.  However no additional taxes will be collected to cover the expenses.

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