Job Market Looks Good for December College Graduates

January 8, 2007 - Posted at 5:49 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- It's no secret, gone are the good times of the college experience once you enter the work force. For recent college graduates - finding a job is easier than it has been.  December graduates have been in the job market for about a month now but landing the career of your dreams may take time and patience.

"I plan on having my own business when I'm done with school.  Hopefully I will have a chain of retail stores, clothing," said sophomore Famous Taylor.

"I've always assumed that there is going to be a job out there, that's what they teach you in college...just once you graduate you'll have a job.  So it's really not of any major concern to me.  Getting a degree is basically just a shoe-in for a job somewhere," said junior Curtis Sanders, who is majoring in Business Administration.

They could be big dreams in store for a harsh reality.  25-30% of the applicants Operations Manager Express Personnel Scott Holden helps are college graduates looking for jobs.

"It really just depends on the skills the person possess, what degree they've just received.  There are plenty of jobs out here for college graduates, it's just timing, you know hitting the market place at the right time," said Holden.

Degrees in nursing, business and computer sciences are solid fields right now.

"If you participated in an apprenticeship or an internship, of course that's going to better your chances of finding a job," said Holden.

Larger cities often have a reputation for job growth and career development, but often for college graduates finding the perfect job can boil down to your career field and timing.

"The National Association of College and Employers predict that the hiring percentage is up 15% this year from last year and that college graduates should see a better good of a year as we've had since 2001," said Holden.

Right now, the best field in the job market since