Student Teachers Head into the Classroom

January 8, 2007 -- Posted at 6:28 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- We send our kids to school hoping they graduate and earn their diploma, but for others graduation means the opportunity to go back into the classroom and teach.

College education students are in classrooms getting on-site training to teach our children.

Student teacher Lyndsey Jackson's training is in junior and high school history and social studies.  She is assisting Ms. Riley at Annie Camp Junior High School.

"For the first day I was just expecting to learn some of the students' names," said Jackson.

Instead, she is helping the students in Ms. Riley's class with their history assignment.

"I think they really enjoy the student interns and the extra help that they can get along the way," said Riley.

For students, that extra help is needed.  In just a couple of months, students will take their benchmark exams.

Something that's become a lot more important during Riley's 29 years in front of the class.

"There has been an emphasis to know that benchmarks and standardized tests are so important now," said Jackson.

Jackson is just a few months away from graduation and she's starting her final test of skills.

"There's nothing better than a hands on experience and this field experience is going to be great," said Jackson.

Not only is this experience beneficial for the student intern its also helpful in the classroom, giving the teacher a second set of hands.

Student interns start out observing and learning the classroom routine, and by the end of the semester are actually teaching some classes.

"It's like having another teacher right there beside you they learn as they go and are very beneficial," said Riley.