Bush Calls for Troop Surge In Iraq

January 10, 2007: Posted at 10:45 PM CST

White House (AP) -- In an address to the nation, President Bush has committed more than 20-thousand additional American troops to Iraq. The President says that the situation there is ``unacceptable'' to him and to the American people and his plan is a ``strong commitment.'' He also says that responsibility for mistakes in conducting the mission rests with him. Bush says U-S and Iraqi forces will ``clear and secure'' neighborhoods in Baghdad. He also says he's given orders to increase American forces in the troubled Anbar Province by four-thousand troops. He also cautioned that the year will ``be bloody and violent'' even if his strategy ``works exactly as planned.'' Bush also emphasized that U-S support is not open-ended and that the Iraqi government must meet its obligations.

Here is what some people in Region 8 told K8 News after watching the President's speech.

Jay Cliffe, a former Marine said "I think we should continue. I would like to see some kind of timeline to get them back. I don't want them over there, nobody does, but i'm just saying we can't stop what we're doing in the middle of things."

This is what Robin Chastain of Jonesboro had to say. "I trust President Bush. I know he wants to get the job done and whatever he and his advisors decide to do, I'm behind them 100 percent."

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)