Arkansas Congressional Delegation Reacts to Bush's Call for More Troops to Iraq

JANUARY 11, 2007 - Posted at 7:32 a.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The state's lone Republican congressman, John Boozman, praises President Bush for what Boozman called the candor the president displayed in his speech to the nation last night. Boozman said he was glad to see Bush admit that the situation in Baghdad is deteriorating, and he supports Bush's plan to overcome the challenges in Iraq.

But the other five members of the state's congressional delegation, all Democrats, were less enthusiastic.

Senator Mark Pryor says the President provided few details in his speech about his plans for what he says is a new approach to the war in Iraq. Congressman Marion Berry said that, after listening to the speech, he was even more concerned with what he called Bush's failure to recognize the severity of the conflict.

Berry said the violence in Iraw is getting worse, and Bush said nothing to demonstrate that his latest strategy will result in success. But Berry said the proposal would create additional strain on military readiness as well as on military personnel and their families.

Congressman Vic Snyder said he heard little new in the president's remarks. He said he heard no dramatic new strategy, no new set of benchmarks. Snyder said a lot of things that Bush spoke about were things most Americans thought the U-S was doing already.

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