Sexually Explicit Photos Sent by State Computer to Former Board Member

JANUARY 11, 2007 - Posted at 4:05 p.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A report released today by Governor Beebe's office shows that former parole board commissioner Lary Zeno was the target of complaints that he made inappropriate sexual comments to staff members and received sexually explicit photographs on his state-owned computer.

Beebe's office released the report on Zeno hours after the governor said he would not pursue an appeal filed by his successor Mike Huckabee.  Beebe was state attorney general at the time Huckabee decided to appeal a decision ordering the governor's office to release the documents.

The order was issued after Zeno resigned from the board and in response to a lawsuit brought by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for the report.

The documents released today include a report conducted by the Department of Community Corrections, along with transcripts of interviews with Zeno and several staff members.  They also include the text of off-color jokes and copies of 16 sexually explicit photos found on Zeno's computer.  Most of the off-color jokes and photos appeared to be from e-mails.  Most of the photos were of women who were naked or partially dressed.  Some were of men.

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