Preliminary Report Released on Plane Crash

January 11, 2007 -- Posted at 5:15 p.m. CST

BATESVILLE-The N.T.S.B. has now released their preliminary report about the single-engine plane crashed that killed two in Batesville January 4, 2007.

In that report it states the Cessna 182R airplane was destroyed after colliding with terrain while approaching the Batesville Regional Airport.

Both the pilot and the passenger/observer sustained fatal injuries.

That report also says on the morning of the accident, the observance of a petroleum pipeline had been "picked up" near Valsparaiso, Indiana and was working towards Mesquite, Texas where the aircraft was based.

The report says the last communication with the occupants came as a garbled satellite phone transmission, in which the observer reported a possible disruption to the pipeline.

It is believed the plane crashed about 12:35 p.m. just over a mile from the runway.

This information is still preliminary until an official report is filed.

If you would like to read the preliminary report in it's whole you can visit the N.T.S.B.'s web site.

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