Region 8 Counties Prepare for Flooding

January 13, 2006 - Posted at 6:45 p.m. CST

POCAHONTAS- As several more inches or rain are expected overnight Saturday, many Region 8 counties are bracing themselves for the worst case scenario.

Randolph County is known for flooding problems due to several rivers running through that area.

Saturday, Emergency Management officials were out touring the county; checking up on river levels, making sure roads are still passable, and warning residents with farm animals to move them to higher ground.

O.E.M. Coordinator, Marty Cagle says they want to be as prepared as possible so they don't see the past happen again.

"After what we experienced last year in the month of September, we are more aware of what can happen and how quickly things can change," said Cagle.

He tells us that everyone in Randolph County is on standby, and should flooding become an issue, teams will split up throughout the county to work efficiently at making roads and bridges passable.

We will be out Sunday to bring you the latest on the Flooding situations in Region 8, and for the latest on the weather anytime of day, you can log back onto our web site to see the latest from our K8 Storm Team Weather Center.

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