Rivers Rise in Randolph County

January 14, 2007 -- Posted at 4:30 p.m. CST, updated at 7:47 a.m. on 1/15/07

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR -- As heavy rain continues to fall in northeast Arkansas, the flood waters in Randolph County continue to rise along the Black River.

Marty Cagle is the O.E.M Coordinator for Randolph County.

"Do not drive in water that is over the road because you do not know what is there," said Cagle.

Each time heavy rain falls, Cagle anticipates there are areas in the county certain to become problem spots.

"This river is kind of like a bottleneck through here, and this is usually the first area in Randolph County, where our state highway is, that will flood for us," said Cagle.

Low lying bridges also become problematic after days of heavy rain.

"A lot of the lower bridges are impassible, and I want to caution everybody not to drive through any type of water," said Cagle.

With more heavy rain expected, officials are urging everyone to use caution and good judgment if they have to be out Sunday evening or during the morning commute on Monday.

As of this morning, several rural roads in Randolph County are temporarily closed due to high water.