Improvements to 8 Mile Creek are Helping

January 14, 2006 - Posted at 6:00 p.m. CST

PARAGOULD- Long time residents of Paragould say they recall the times when the 8 Mile Creek left them swimming through their living rooms.

"We used to have water fill the cars and the house," said Ransom Walker who has lived near the creek for 43 years.

He says a heavy rainfall would cause water to come down the hills and flood the 8 Mile Creek.

"It bottlenecked down here on the corner, and it had no place to go.  The water couldn't get out fast enough," said Walker.

But after 15 Million Dollars in improvements that began in 1997, the creek is holding up much better to the soggy weather.

Looking out on the 8 Mile Creek now, you can easily see where concrete and limestone have been laid to keep the walls from eroding, as well as levee's built around the creek.

And for those improvements, residents of Paragould are thankful.

"It has helped tremendously," said Walker.  "I can't really see it ever flooding in this area again."

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