Drainage Problems Back For Jonesboro Residents

January 15, 2007--Posted at 7:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--While Jonesboro didn't see as much rain as Independence and Randolph counties, they are still feeling similar headaches when it comes to flooding.

The Roberts purchased this house ten years ago on a hot dry summer's day. Little did they know that a few inches of rain would put their backyard under water. The ground stays wet enough year round that crawdads actually live in the backyard. However the Roberts aren't the only Jonesboro residents wondering when the city is going to fix the ongoing drainage problems here in town.

"They fixed this hole out here. They said they would keep it nice and clean where it would all drain out good, but so far they haven't," said Jonesboro resident Jimmy Broglen.

Jimmy Broglen lives off of Highway 141 and when it rains the ditch beside his house fills making his yard a swamp.

"The grass and ground is like walking around on what I call cooked spinach, because it has that slimy feel to it," said Broglen.

Broglen isn't the only one whose property suffers when the rain's come down. Rain's like this past weekend's are leaving numerous Jonesboro residents feeling wet.

The residents we spoke with said it would take anywhere from a couple days to almost a month for their property to completely dry out. For those who own their property, it's a problem that has them in way too deep.

"It's washing away Prospect Road. This is a very traveled road that school buses go down and kids live out here and it's dangerous," said Jonesboro resident David Becknell.

Becknell lives on the narrow Prospect Road. While his yard doesn't flood as bad as others, the high waters are causing damage to his property and to the city road.

"Called the city several times to tell them the water in this ditch is actually washing this road away and haven't gotten any response out of it. Eventually it is going to wash my driveway out," said Becknell.

Becknell is like most of the residents we talked who said that while this weekend's rain was bad, even a half inch of rain causes them problems.