Jonesboro Family's Yard a Swamp Following Weekend Weather

January 15, 2007--Posted at 8:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--While Jonesboro didn't see as much rain as Independence and Randolph counties, they are still feeling similar headaches when it comes to flooding.

For the Roberts family a couple inches of rain means a couple inches of water in their backyard.

"You see here what we got, it don't take much. I know it has rained a lot lately, but it doesn't take hardly any rain and we are in bad shape here," said Jonesboro resident Lee Roberts.

For daughter Taylor, video games and karaoke are fun for a while, however not having a yard to play in can take a toll.

"She is stuck inside. I got a big dog in there and I can't let him out," said Roberts.

While their dog Buddy and Taylor are stuck in the house, they do have their fair share of pets in backyard.

"You get crawdads out here. It gets so saturated the crawdads live out here year round," said Roberts.

When the Roberts purchased their house it was a hot dry summer day. Little did they know the problems they would have with drainage. The city did offer them a permit to fix the problem, however the family would have to pay for the work themselves.

"We shouldn't have to put up with this. There should be some kind of drain that we can get rid of this water. It isn't just here it is across the street over there," said Roberts.

The Roberts aren't the only ones in their neighborhood with flooding problems at least ten others houses in their subdivision experienced some drainage problems following this weekend's rain.

For now though the family is forced to just let Mother Nature take her course.