Current River Flooding Doesn't Worry Residents Much

January 16, 2006 - Posted at 5:30 p.m. CST

POCAHONTAS- Many are dealing with inches and even feet of flood waters.  But for some living along the Current River in Randolph County, it's not all bad.

From Highway 67 it looks like a deserted island.  Houses in a row, yet they all seem to be floating in water.

"It's just kind of a normal thing," said resident Doyle Esmond who lives on the river.  "Whenever it rains a lot the water comes up."

Esmond has lived on the Current River for five years and said you get used to high water.

However, the rise in the river has left many access roads under water.

"Being on a river, we get out our boats and our canoes and we boat in and out," said Regina Briggs, co-owner of the Current River Campgrounds.

She said it's all just part of the times.

"It's just the season.  In the fall and in the spring we have a lot of rain.  But our just accumulates a lot more than everywhere else," said Briggs.

And for those like Doyle Esmond, he says let it rain.

"I just like the river.  I ride around even when it's cold.  You just have to put on more clothes."