Yard Turns Into River Along Cache River

January 16, 2007 -- Posted at 5:24 p.m. CST

EGYPT, AR -- Flooding in Region 8 has caused many problems for those living along rivers.

For a hand full of people along the Cache River the water isn't actually getting into their homes, it's keeping them from getting out.

"When the river gets up you've got bridges right here that the river flows under and everything is flowing this way," said Larry Lingle.

The Cache River is full and now the farm land and homes are surrounded by flowing water.

"It's just filling me up.  It's filling my yard up," said Lingle.

The water started coming in Monday morning and by Tuesday the family is stuck.

"It's a foot in my yard... maybe a foot and a half," said Lingle.

The Lingle family can't go anywhere because like their house, their cars are trapped too.

"We can't go to work, we can't go to the store if we need to, if somebody got sick or hurt we'd have to call somebody to get them out," said Lingle.

He said he got ready to go to work Tuesday but got half way out of the driveway and turned around.

"I heard the water hitting my fan and I just backed up," said Lingle.

The water on the Cache River is still rising and so is the water in the Lingle family yard.  It could be several days before the water does go down, in the meantime the family said they are prepared to wait it out.

"We've got enough food to last us until this goes down.  We didn't think it was going to get like this so we didn't buy a whole lot of food," said Lingle.