Crowley's Ridge Offers Rental Books to Students

January 18, 2007 -- Posted at 6:53 p.m. CST

PARAGOULD, AR -- For prospective college students there are many costs involved, one of those costs is the hefty price of books.

Arkansas lawmakers have started their first couple weeks in office off by pushing ten bills to lower the cost of textbooks for students in the state

One school in Region 8 is already taking steps to provide textbooks to students at a cheaper price.

The school has a book depot where students can get all the books they need.

"We just pay one fee and we don't have to worry about how many classes we're taking we can take fifteen or eighteen hours and still pay one price," said student Jonathan Winn.

"The reason we really did this was to benefit the students to make the process easier for them," said Crowley's Ridge College President Ken Hoppe.

Many parents help their children pay for college and with this program there is one flat up front cost.

"There has been favorable response from parents who like the idea because they know exactly what its going to cost for text books," said Hoppe.

Student Miranda Smith said the book rental program was one of the main reasons she chose to come to school at Crowley's Ridge College.

"With the book price difference, even though it costs more to go here, the book difference... it helps a lot," said Smith.

The start up cost for the college is $75,000 but Hoppe said it will be worth it in the long run.

Other universities have contacted Crowley's Ridge College to find out how successful the rental program is.

One college that does offer rental books is Three Rivers Community College.