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Consider This - January 19, 2007

Consider THAT Feedback

Last April we began airing a weekly commentary we call Consider This. We think it is our responsibility to be actively engaged in the issues affecting Region 8 and our on-air editorials help us achieve that goal. Last week we launched a new feedback segment called Consider That. This forum is available for qualified community leaders who wish to rebut one of our recent editorials or offer a thoughtful opinion on a separate subject.

Our first Consider That aired last week when Mike Yates, Jonesboro's Chief of Police, shared his opinion on a new alcohol related referendum he would like to see approved by the city council.

As you can imagine, we heard from several people regarding this topic and we'll share a couple of those comments for your consideration...

Ryan Heringer of Jonesboro writes...

Look at Northwest Arkansas... We are behind the times, Chief Yates, the State of Arkansas set laws to protect its people. We pay you good money to apply state law, do not try to enforce your views on our community.

Billie Moore, however, had a different opinion...

I totally agree with the Police Chief. Since these businesses have non-profit alcohol sales, why do they care if a city tax is imposed on the sale of the drinks.  Someone has to pay for the extra cost of the police work.  It should be the people who are selling and drinking.  The extra work takes away from other areas the police could be working on.

Consider This... or Consider That... if nothing else, hopefully we will help to create some positive, constructive debate.

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