ASU Hoping to Acquire US Military Building

January 19, 2007 -- Posted at 9:28 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- The United States Army Reserve Center could soon have new residents.  The federal government has decided one building will serve both Jonesboro and Paragould.

Arkansas state university has already put in a bid to be able to use the building when it's empty.  Packets have been submitted to the Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon's office and to the Board of Education.

In the meantime, one group on campus is already dreaming about ways to use the building.

"When we found out that math and science education was second on the priority list we immediately found out what to do," said Dr. Jenna Trautwein.

The Army Reserve Center sits just a few blocks from the ASU campus.  Getting a building like this one would benefit both the college and its students.

"The university would be extremely delighted to get it because its a new facility that we wouldn't have to find money for, we wouldn't charge our students tuition to build it, and we won't go to the taxpayers and ask for money," said Burton.

It's also a building the university says they need for the Rural Institute for Math and Science Education which helps retrain K-12 teachers during the school year.

There is no dedicated area at ASU for this organization to use, so they are currently spread out all over the place.

"She's using a house for storage for a library and she's conducting classes wherever she can find available space," said Burton.