Worldwide Mom's Day of Prayer

January 20, 2007 - Posted at 8:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO-On a chilly Saturday, moms from around Region 8 took time out of their busy schedules to bow their heads and pray.  And on this "Worldwide Mom's Day of Prayer" the focus is all about the Children.

"Women from allover the world come together in their communities to pray for the children of their community, in their state, the country, and allover the world," says coordinator Michelle Reid.

Barbara Young, who led one of the prayer groups at Walnut Street Baptist Church today says the worldwide diversity shows the true power of worship.

"When people get united in prayer, God moves.  It's great that there are so many different denominations coming together and lifting our children up to the lord," says Young.

This was the first year for the program in Jonesboro, but "Worldwide Mom's Day of Prayer" was started back in 1998 in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Since that time it has grown to become a global entity.  And for coordinator Michelle Reid, who's aunt started the program, Saturdays prayer was worth more than a million words.

"It's been extremely encouraging today to know what together people feel the same way you do about their families and children.   To see that it's just as important to them to come pray for their children as it is to you," says Reid.

She says, it's all about taking the time aside to realize the power of prayer everyday.  "You can get caught up on being a mom, and taking care of you children's physical needs, but forgetting about their spiritual needs.  And this just kind of brings you back to what it's all about."

And for participants, they say the prayers were all for the children; those searching for an answer, and those who simply need the guidance.

"This is what's going to keep them the rest of their days.  It's not going to be wealth or fame.  It's going to be that they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  That's what is going to make the biggest difference," says Young.

For more information on the "Worldwide Mom's Day of Prayer" you can check out their web site at

Also if you are interested in forming a Mom's prayer group in your community, there are several resources with the group "Mom's in Touch International."  Their web site is  This group will also be holding a Leadership Training Seminar in the next few weeks.  If you are interested in participating in this seminar you can email Carol Morgan at or call 870-931-0950.

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