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Consider This - January 26, 2007

Non-Profit Partners for 2007

At the first of the month we asked for your feedback in helping us determine a non-profit organization that KAIT could work with during 2007. To determine the partner agency we wanted to hear from viewers whose lives were positively affected through personal assistance from these organizations. We had many, many suggestions and after reviewing all of the feedback we honestly could not narrow the selection to one organization.

Consider This...

We have chosen to work with two groups during 2007; City Youth Ministries in Jonesboro and Agape House in Paragould.

Here are just a few comments we received about these two organizations...

This from someone personally affected...

"The program has saved my life, a life from drugs, sex, and numerous other things. I have a closer relationship with God, and my life is well on its way to becoming one worth living because of the Agape House."

And also from a thankful parent...

"For years I have prayed for my daughter to live drug free then she found the Agape House in Paragould. Now she is learning to live a drug free life. They helped her get a job and she will be returning to college Monday and hopefully her family will be restored."

And from two children involved in City Youth programs...

"If it wasn't for City Youth I would be in on the streets or in jail. That's why I'm thankful for City Youth."

"City Youth Ministries is a fun place to go. They help you with your homework, and every day they provide us with a meal. I like City Youth because I like learning something new, and I like to have somewhere safe to play."

We're excited to partner with these two very deserving groups this year. You'll hear much more about them, and how we can help, in the coming months.

Have a great weekend.

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