Couple Victims of Strange Burglary

January 26 -- Posted at 9:14 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- One suspect is in police custody tonight and another is still wanted for questioning after a burglary on Thursday.

Two people are suspected in the burglary:  27-year-old Danny Kemp was arrested Friday, and 28-year-old Rhonda Baker is still wanted for questioning.

The home that was broken into is that of Brian and Tonya Romano of Jonesboro.

According to the Romano's, they arrived home to see an unfamiliar vehicle in their driveway and movement inside their house.  Mr. Romano went to the front while Mrs. Romano went around to the back to catch the intruders.

While the female suspect was allegedly caught inside by Tonya Romano, the male suspect was allegedly caught by Brian Romano.

"I stopped the dude on the street and I was like, 'Hold up'.  I knew him.  He was my friend, or at least I thought he was my friend," said Romano.

Things allegedly taken from the home include some electronics, jewelry, and other personal items.

"They had my under ware drawer packed up they had my clothes, my make up, my perfumes," said Tonya Romano.

"I worked hard for all the things I have and everything has been pilfered through and stomped on and memories crushed," said Brian Romano.

The doors to the apartment are boarded up, something that Jonesboro Police Department Detective Mark Branscum said was done before the alleged burglary.

"The landlord had removed the doors from the house and the front and back entrance were boarded up and so the suspects got in around those boards someway," said Branscum.

Tonya Romano said she feels her landlord Charles Noell is partially responsible because of the removed doors.

"For some reason he wants us to move out and we're not problem tenants or anything," said Romano.

K8 News tried to contact Noell on Friday, but were unable to locate him for comment.

To further complicate matters, the victims of the home invasion are currently facing their own legal problems.

Jonesboro Police Department records show that they both face criminal charges for drug possession.  Both are out on bond right now and awaiting a court date.