Proposed Grocery Tax Cut in Arkansas Legislature

Newly elected Governor Beebe fulfilled a campaign promise by proposing to cut in half the state's grocery tax taking the rate from the standard 6% to 3% effective July 1st of this year.

Consider This

As we have mentioned in previous commentaries, we support the plan to reduce the grocery tax. And as we suggested, it is best that we reduce the amount gradually so we can get a true picture of how the reduction will impact future revenues.

With over $800 Million dollars in surplus, it seems reducing the grocery tax would be a fair way for all Arkansans to receive some relief. Unfortunately, some of our state representatives are not in favor of the grocery tax relief.

You can get all the information you need about the actions of your representatives by accessing the state governmental website at or detailed information on pending legislation and sponsors at We'll share a link to those websites in the Consider This section on our website at

We encourage you to contact your respective legislative leaders and share your opinion on the grocery tax... and any other topic that you feel is important. Remember, they are there to represent you. You voted them in... and you can vote them out. Make sure you hold them accountable.