More Fans, More Parking Spaces?

JANUARY 29, 2007 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Are there enough parking spots for Jonesboro High School to host the 6-A State Basketball Tournament? It's a legitimate question after last week's record turnout for the JHS-Forrest City game.  Dozens of fans who parked across the street from the Hurricane Gym had their cars towed and on February 27th, teams and fans from around the state will be looking for a place to park at Jonesboro High School. The question is will they have a place to park?

"I've been here for about 35 years and we've never had that big of a crowd at a ball game. It's the biggest game we've ever had. I can't foresee at the state tournament even being close to that many people," says Coach Don Riggs, the Jonesboro High School Athletic Director.

But Coach Riggs says they will be prepared regardless. The grassy hill in front of the school is just one of the many places they say they will open for additional parking during the state tournament. He also added that they will have people outside during the tournament directing traffic, hopefully preventing fans from parking in tow zones.

"We're going to park around by the VO-Tech and up around the circle in front of the high school and if we have to, park on the grass in front of the school. We'll have people down here telling people they have to get off those areas," says Coach Riggs.

Preparation: Something that will hopefully prevent fans at next month's state tournament from searching for their towed cars.

"We won't be caught up in that situation again. We will be ready one way or the other," adds Coach Riggs.

Riggs did say that some larger facilities off-campus are being considered for the final few games of the state tournament, but a decision on that has not yet been made.