Windows Vista Hits Shelves

JANUARY 30, 2007 -- POSTED AT 9:30 P.M. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- The new Microsoft Vista Operating System was on the shelves at 39,000 stores across the country today.  After 5 years in the making, Microsoft says Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System are the most tested products in Microsoft history.

"It's a whole new format more geared toward multimedia, converging your entertainment with your technology," says Jimmy Crague, the Technology Sales Manager at the Jonesboro Circuit City.

A new format that comes in several different versions to best fit your needs: Vista Home Basic or Premium, Vista Business, and the Vista Ultimate.

"Each software operating system is different, but they have better suited to living with each person's lifestyle and how they're going to use their computer," says Crague.

One of the biggest differences with the new operating system is that Microsoft built this software from scratch, making it completely unique from the old systems.

"XP was an upgrade of 2000 or ME, they just added on to that platform and then had service pack 1 and 2, but this one is built from the ground up. They've definitely added in that security feature and basically just a lot more gadgets a lot of people will like," says Crague.

He says it is still recommended that consumers have additional internet security software on their computer, but the new Vista makes your PC twice as protected from hackers and viruses. Furthermore, if you do decide to upgrade to the new Microsoft Vista, there can be a few disadvantages with your old software.

"Being compatible with your current printer, your scanners, any type of utilities you use now, even down to cameras and camcorders. The software that you have for those that you have installed on your XP Operating System are not compatible with Vista. You have to visit the manufacturer's website to download the new drivers and updates for your utility tool," says Crague.

With technology constantly changing and becoming more a part of who we are today, the new vista adapts to our changing world.

"Lives and expectations of how we based our lifestyles around electronics has changed so much, so Microsoft really changed their operating system," adds Crague.

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