Kids Celebrate the First Snow of the Season

February 1, 2007 -- Posted at 6:17 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- The snow may be cold and somewhat annoying for those of us who have to get out in it, but for kids a snow day is much more than a missed day of school.

"Just to go play with your friends in the snow and have snow ball fights," said Keira O'Keefe.

The hill beside the University Heights Elementary School is prime sledding property for kids.

"It's a big hill and it's lots of snow," said Kristen Brown.

The kids used sleds of every shape and size trying to get to the bottom of the hill first.

"It's the fastest race car sled ever," said Owen Ward.

"There's nothing else to do besides sled.  There's not enough snow to make snowmen," said Brown.

There is enough snow to make snow balls, just ask Barrett Smith and his friends.

"You get the snow round and round in your hand and you get it perfect...make it agile and you just aim for the face," said Smith.