Offbeat: Shotgun Showman

February 2, 2007--1:30 p.m.  CST

JONESBORO-- Tim "Boom Boom" Bradley can do things with a shotgun that most hunters can only dream about. Three years ago Bradley hoped to one day take his shotgunning skills to the next level and after the guys at Benelli Shotguns saw Tim's show, they loaded him into their arsenal.

Bradley travels the world performing shooting exhibitions and hunting for Benelli's telelvision programs.  He's in good company peforming along side shooting legend Tom Knapp.  Bradley says the shooting comes easy, it's the showmanship that he's had to learn and that's where Knapp has been a real mentor.

Bradley says it takes lots of practice to get as good as he is.  He shoots 65,000 rounds a year, but says it's not just repitition that makes you good.  Bradley says mastering a shot then adding more difficulty is what makes you great.

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