Passing the Time as Roads Become Drivable

February 2, 2007 - Posted at 5:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO-For two days now it's been an all too familiar sight.  Snow plows and salt spreaders.  But after Thursday nights round of snow, it was back to square one for road crews.

"They were all pretty much cleared off yesterday afternoon and then it hit last night.  So you can see it's got some more on it now.  So we've had to come back ou and sand it up again to make it ready for the public to drive," said Craighead County Road Foreman, Eugene Neff.

And while we've warned and warned, there were still a few impatient drivers passing salt trucks and spinning their tires to trying to gain back some lost time.

But those who live on county roads are well aware of the problems associted with any kind of freezing precipitation.

"It's been very interesting.  The roads have been pretty good, but from the highway up to the house, I've had some trouble getting up there with the truck," said Tony Taylor who lives off a very icy Goobertown Road.

But being a city employee himself, Taylor says the snow is something you just learn to live with.

Meanwhile, the road department says people still need to be careful on roads where there are lots of hills or trees shading the roadways.  These areas are prone to quickly refreeze and often have patches of ice.

For the kids, however, ice and snow on the roads was a blessing.  Especially when it came time to make snow angels, build a snow man, sled down the hill, and best of the great snowball fight.

Kids like Bryce Morris say the snow "is just real neat!"

And even neater was the fact there was no school.

"Me and my brothers were yelling, whoopee...whoopee!" said Randy Morris.

With that the brothers battled it out and snowballs were flying.  A sight that only happens this time of year.

"They're loving it.  They look for this all summer long.  They are always talking about it....I can't wait for it to snow.  This is what they like to do," said Taylor.

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