Jonesboro Police Department Breaks Up Unlicensed Club

February 5, 2007--Posted at 10:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--It was advertised as the first party of the year at the world famous Boom Boom Room but it never happened thanks to the Jonesboro Police Department.

Fliers and post cards circulated around town publicizing a big party Saturday night at the Boom Boom Room.

It was an open invitation for JPD to make two arrests in connection to the sale of alcohol in a dry county.

42 year-old Ramon Alan Crumpler is charged with the sale of alcohol in a dry county, felony possession of marijuana, and tampering with evidence.

On the outside the Boom Boom Room at 500 Cate Street in north Jonesboro looks like a normal barbershop, however according to residents it's a place where much more goes on besides haircuts.

"I live at 501 Cate, right across from the Boom Boom Room as they call it and it really bothers me when they come out here and they have cars and trucks and everything out here they have guns and stuff out here," said neighbor Sheila Maness.

According to Maness, whenever the Boom Boom Room has a party, the kids in her house are kept inside because of the guns, fights and harassment associated with the parties. All that was stopped Saturday when Jonesboro Police stopped another party before it started.

"As far as alcohol, we got approximately $2300 worth of alcohol, small amounts of felony narcotics such as ecstasy and cocaine and misdemeanor of marijuana," said Officer Blake Bristow of the Jonesboro Police Department.

This isn't the first time the Boom Boom Room has been in trouble. According to the Jonesboro Police Department since June of 2005 they have received 29 calls to 500 Cate. The city hopes this latest violation will be enough to close the doors to the boom Boom Boom Room permanently.

"When the operation of the business becomes illegal and becomes a nuisance and downgrades the neighborhood, at that point in time we have to take action and we feel like this will be the end of that situation," said Jonesboro city attorney Phillip Crego.

According to Crego back in May of 2006 the city filed abatement against the Boom Boom Room.

"This is basically the last straw as far as the city of Jonesboro's concerned," said Crego.

Crego says he plans to amend the complaint to include this weekend's violation and move to have a hearing as soon as possible to close the doors. Something that sits well with neighbors like Sheila Maness.

"Kids live across the street and kids live next door and I think it needs to be shut down," said Maness.

According to Crego, he spoke with Police Chief Yates about devoting more manpower to the abatement process, in order to clean up spots that are bringing down neighborhoods.

Crego said the abatement process was used extensively in North Little Rock to clean up a number of spots around town.