Evidence Revisited In West Memphis 3 Case

February 6, 2007 -- Posted at 6:21 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Almost fourteen years after the brutal murders of three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis, advances in medicine may shine new light on the case of the "West Memphis Three."

For the past two years some of the evidence in the case has been submitted for enhanced DNA testing.  Now, some of those tests are coming back.

"Their goal is to seek new evidence that would give them basis for a new trial," said Prosecuting Attorney Brent Davis.

Davis has prosecuted this case from the beginning.

"As the testing reaches its conclusion there's going to be hearings on the significance of the testing that were done," said Davis.

Davis says it's been a hard fought battle with attorneys' from the defense on what items should be retested.

There are about 180 items that are being retested.  Since their convictions in 1994, the three have spent their adult years behind bars.

"Since all three have filed motions we have consolidated the testing because its very expensive and very time consuming," said Davis.

Hundreds of man hours have been spent post-trial on this case, many of them involving the retesting of the evidence.  Davis told K8 News the next six weeks are going to be very busy with more results coming in.

However, this testing does not guarantee a new trial for any of the defendants.

"Once the testing is done then arguments' will be made by the defense council and we'll make our decision once we see what the results are," said Davis.

Davis said he does not expect there to be a "smoking gun" come from the retesting of the evidence.  He said that the real work will be in the arguments.