911 Tapes Released of Fired Jonesboro Police Officer

February 7, 2007 -- Posted at 7:40 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- On Saturday Jonesboro Police officer James Turnbow was fired after he made a false 911 call about an officer down at the Eagle's Club in Jonesboro.

K8 News obtained a copy of the 911 calls.

Here is an excerpt of James Turnbow's call:

"I've got people approaching me right now.  We've got officers fighting, we've got officers down."

Officer James Turnbow made the 911 call at around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning from the Eagles Lodge in Jonesboro.

Yates said this isn't Turnbow's first time involved in an altercation there, but it's the call itself that led to the officer losing his job.

"The nature of the false call and his behavior and demeanor during that event," said Yates.

Here is another excerpt from the 911 call:

Turnbow: "Are you getting boys down here?"

Dispatch: "Yeah, we've got everybody coming out there."

Turnbow:  "What's going on?"

Dispatch:  "Huh?"

Turnbow:  "We've got officers out here... I mean, I'm out here.  I'm trying to fend people off of here.  You've got bloody noses and I don't hear any sirens."

Yates said that all officers on duty at the time were sent to the "fight" and all were driving on icy roads to help one officer.

An officer the dispatch officer on duty called "belligerent" in his 911 call.  Here is another piece of that call:

Turnbow:  "Could you please get a ******* police officer or don't ******* call me back."

Yates said he is unsure if any criminal charges will be filed for making the false 911 call.

"We put the facts and the circumstances of the event together and turned them over to the city attorney's office to see if there's sufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution," said Yates.

K8 News spoke with Turnbow on Monday about telling his side of the story.  While he expressed interest in doing so at that time, he has since not returned our phone calls.

Turnbow was honored in 2006 with a lifesaving award.