Anna Nicole Smith Has Died

HOLLYWOOD --   Anna Nicole Smith -- the former Playboy playmate, billionaire's widow and reality T-V star -- has died.

Her lawyer says she collapsed today at a south Florida hotel and was rushed to a hospital, but could not be revived. She was 39 years old.

One year after she was Playboy's playmate of the year in 1993, the former topless dancer married elderly multi-millionaire J. Howard Marshall. He died the following year, and she has since been involved in legal disputes over his estate. A federal court awarded her 474 million dollars, but the ruling was later overturned. The U-S Supreme Court last year revived her case.

As that fight continued, Smith drew constant tabloid attention amid her weight fluctuations and, last year, the sudden death of her 20-year-old son.

Her resemblance to Marilyn Monroe was played-up in her Guess jeans magazine ads, billboards and department store displays.

Smith had a daughter who's now five months old -- and whose paternity remains a matter of dispute.

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