Say It Isn't So

Brandy Rye wears a lot of hats when it comes to helping her husband run his family's store in Black Oak. While Randy works in the back at the meat counter, Brandy does everything from accounting to cashiering to stocking. But severe migraines often limited her work days. Then a trip to the doctor, lead to a living nightmare. Randy says, I knew something was wrong when they called me, because Brandy was upset when she talked to me over the phone. So, on the way up there I just prayed that she would be all right."

Her diagnosis... a mass found on the left side of her brain. Brandy remembers what the doctor said, "He said it was pretty serious, so I went for a second opinion with neurologist in Memphis, and he read the MRI results and he did confirm that is was a growth or mass of some kind."

The news was devastating to her family, especially Randy... Her husband of seven years. "It devastated me. She's my life. She's all my life. When I heard that it was just total destruction. I just prayed every day, every night. Every hour every minute."

The next step was for Brandy to have a CT scan. After two weeks of constant prayer, the results were in. "He said whatever was on the MRI was now gone, and he said nothing was found."

Randy was amazed, "I think she was healed. No doubt. I don't know what else it could be. It should have come back the same as the MRI. There should have been something there. There was nothing there. I was just astonished. I didn't know what to think."

Brandy says, "I knew all the time God was going to heal me. I put my faith in God and I said, Lord I know you can heal me, and we prayed about it and he healed me."

Now Brandy has a clean bill of health, and she gives credit to the power of prayer.