Region 8 Pilot's Six Decades with No Mishap Earn FAA Honor

FEBRUARY 9, 2007 - Posted at 7:32 a.m. CST

BATESVILLE, AR - Retired Air Force pilot Bob Parman of Batesville, who still flies a small private plane, just for the fun of it, has earned a big honor from the Federal Aviation Administration.  Tomorrow at the Batesville Airport, Parman is to be presented with a Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.  The award recognizes the efforts of pilots with a record of piloting aircraft safely for 50 years or longer.

In Parman's case, it's 60 years.  He joined the Air Force in 1946, and took private lessons to learn to fly before the Air Force sent him to flight school.

Parman says his fascination with flight dates back to the time when he was just five or six years old, growing up in a small town in northern Missouri.

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