ASU One Step Closer to Acquiring Army Reserve Facility

FEBRUARY 9, 2007 - Posted at 3:33 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR - Arkansas State University's Jonesboro campus has moved closer to acquiring the U.S. Army Reserve Center property on Caraway Road.

On January 10, the university's Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to make application to the Secretary of Education for the federal government's surplus property to be used by ASU for educational purposes.  ASU's application has now been approved by the U.S. Department of Education.  Federal authorities confirmed the approval in a February 1 letter to Dr. Robert Potts, chancellor of the Jonesboro campus.

If approved by the Local Redevelopment Authority, the U.S. Department of Education would formally request assignment of the property from the Department of the Army on behalf of ASU.

According to Tony Thomas, project administrator for the city of Jonesboro, "In a meeting February 7, the Jonesboro Local Redevelopment Authority did agree to support the proposed use of the Army Reserve Facility at 1001 South Caraway Road."  Thomas added that the Local Redevelopment Authority will forward its recommendation to the Department of Housing and Urban Development before April 1, 2007, after which time the recommendation will be forwarded to the Department of Defense.

"If approved by the Department of Defense," Thomas said, "the Department of Education has agreed to support conveyance of the facility to Arkansas State University at no charge."

The final decision on the property's disposal will rest upon the discretionary authority of the U.S. Army.