Illinois Fugitive Caught In Sharp County

BATESVILLE -   A Sharp County man wanted in Illinois was accidentally shot today after authorities say he tried to run over an Arkansas State Police agent. James Naldo Arnold was taken to a Batesville hospital for treatment.

Arkansas State Police say Arnold is wanted by Iroquois County law enforcement officials in Illinois on drug charges and a charge of failure to appear. According to the state police, Special Agent Wendell Jines went to a residence near the Highland community and identified himself.

Jines heard a truck engine start at the back of the residence and state police say Arnold began driving the truck toward the officer. Jines identified himself and ordered the driver to stop, but the driver ignored Jines. Jines then fired his service pistol in an attempt to stop the truck, but the driver drove off.

Jines followed and when Arnold lost control of the truck, Jines blocked the truck with his car. State police say the two men struggled as the officer tried to arrest Arnold and the officer's gun accidentally went off, wounding Arnold.

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