Wish Comes True for Region 8 Boy

February 9, 2007 - Posted at 10:02 p.m. CST

MARMADUKE, AR -- Marmaduke has been a community of rebuilding and new hope over the last year after a tornado nearly destroyed the town in April.  But the generosity of good neighbors wasn't blown away in that fateful storm... and one Corning seven year old learned first hand Friday that wishes do come true.

Cole Bowen just thought he was going to a basketball game Friday night.  He had no idea he would get to participate in a contest and "win" the big prize.

"The wish was sponsored by Marmaduke High School.  They raised $5,000 to do it.  This is their second year to do it.  Cole really likes dodge ball and so they had an obstacle course that involves dodge ball and so at the end he was able to find out that he was going to Disney World," said Make-A-Wish Coordinator Kendra Street.

Cole has suffered from Crohn's Disease for the last year...but it'll be the last thing on his mind when he and his family are in Orlando this march.

"We are so excited, we are so excited.  He's excited.  He's wanted to go to Disney World for a couple of years and he's just really excited," said Cole's mother Erin Bolen.

He'll get to go to Universal Studios, Disney World and Sea World...a special treat that only a wish kid could appreciate.

"It means a lot to me because not only am I an alumni and from here, but I'm also a wish child myself.  I had my wish granted five years ago so it means a lot to me, but I know it means just as much to the Marmaduke kids as it does to anybody else," said Street.

"They've raised money for kids for make a wish.  I mean it's pretty awesome for a school that was blown away can still raise money for kids who are sick and kids are going places and it's just truly awesome that they can do this," said Bolen.

The students of Marmaduke High School raised $5,000 dollars to help make Cole's wish come true... and they were able to raise another $5,000 dollars to grant a wish for next year's recipient.