ASU Hoping for Approval on New Rec Center

February 12, 2007--Posted at 5:40 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--A proposed recreational facility for students attending Arkansas State University at Jonesboro is drawing mixed reactions from those who would have to pay for it, the students.

The ASU Student Government Association recently passed a resolution to construct a new 60,000 square foot student recreational center in between Twin Towers and Arkansas Hall.

The idea of a new student recreational center has been talked about since 1999, and now the center only needs approval next month by ASU's Board of Trustees to green light the project.

It's a student driven initiative designed to serve the students of tomorrow.

"Basically to keep ASU competitive with our competitor universities, we need this recreation center," said SGA President Tiffny Frazier.

Frazier has worked on this project for several years. A project that includes a state of the art facility complete with swimming pools, athletic courts, dance areas, and meeting room. All components key to the growing university.

"Generally, when we come for student orientation, we don't step foot in a classroom. We look at the outside of the campus. We look at how beautiful it is. What can I do outside of class? It would really help with the vision and aspects of recruitment," said Frazier.

Since classes wouldn't be held there, students will have to come up with the 15 to 17 million dollars to build it.

To cover the cost, the Student Union fee would go up from $10 a credit hour to $15.

For ASU Junior Chancey Caleb, it's a small price to pay for premium facilities.

"I think the Health Physical Education and Sport Sciences Building has kind of had it. It is in bad condition or not as good condition as it used to be and a new one would be a good asset," said Caleb.

While most of the students we spoke to were in favor of a new student recreational center, there were others that felt there are better way to spend 15 to 17 million dollars of student money.

"I just don't see the point of it, because we already have a brand new workout facility in the Student Union and a good facility at the Health Physical Education and Sport Sciences Building and I just feel it is a waste of money," said ASU sophomore Kelcie Huffstickler.

For Huffstickler, it's less about the money and more about the practicality of the proposed center for current students.

"If it was something I felt like we really needed, I wouldn't mind spending the money, but I don't feel like we need it and plus it won't even get to be used, because it won't be built by the time we are out of school," said Huffstickler.

The good news for ASU students who may end up paying for this new recreation center, they will receive a lifetime membership to the center.

According to the Student Government Association, if the resolution passes, the center would be completed in the next two and half to three years.